Change the home screen image on your bitcoin TREZOR



You could change the home screen of your bitcoin TREZOR with a few simple steps. I’ve tested this on a Debian 8, so probably will work for other Debian-based distros (Ubuntu, LMDE,…)


The image has to be a 128×64 black and white .PNG file. This is mine.



Install dependencies with

sudo apt-get install git python python-dev python-setuptools cython libusb.1.0-0-dev libudev-dev

Get the python command line tool

git clone

Change to the directory

cd python-trezor


Download and install some dependencies

sudo python install


Set the homescreen

sudo python set_homescreen -f /path/to/your/image.png


I suggest you disable your TREZOR’s PIN before changing the image and re-enable it later as the process will be easier. To change your PIN, go to, click on your device name (not your accounts) and the “Advanced” tab. Images with most of them white could be too bright for use as homescreen, I would suggest using mostly black images.



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