Decentralizing bitcoin itself

It has been lately some debate about bitcoin scalability. Can bitcoin make it, live up to its full potential of decentralized, anonymous,  international currency? Many people on believe in it completely but there are other who have their doubts. In my opinion, we’re looking at the problem from the wrong side, of course it’d be great if bitcoin is use worldwide and is the only currency, but what about decentralizing bitcoin? Not having one, but multiple “bitcoin”? I’m talking about side-chains. Sidechains allows you to have alt-coins “backed” by BTC with different features, but what if we use a sidechains with no new features? 1:1 backed with a dedicated server for bitcoin payment? What if instead of  bitcoin, we have spain-bitcoin, france-bitcoin, japan-bitcoin,… if some of them grows too much, divide it.


We’ll have a worldwide common currency, bitcoin, at any time you could cheaply exchange to and from bitcoin, and then we’ll have localized-bitcoin with fewer fees and smallers networks and blockchain. I would guess that most people don’t need to exchange their currency from one to another. Travelers and online shopper may, but it’s cheap, fast* and simple.






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